Des is a consulting firm committed to providing innovative and comprehensive leadership management consulting.  With the

Janitorial & Custodial Services
Operations & Maintenance
Grounds Maintenance/Landscaping

Fire Protection


Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
Industrial Building Construction
Roofing Contractors
Flooring Contractors
Electrical Contractors & Other

Property Management
Valuation & Analysis
Mortgage Compliance
Commercial Real Estate Services
Relocation Services
Risk Assessments


The services we provide are crucial to business owners, we understand that our clients put a lot of thought into why they should work with us. Here are a few more reasons on why we’re worth a shot.

We’re proactive, taking initiative may seem like a small task, but it actually fuels innovation and improves efficiency.

Our experience in the project management world has really helped us excel when it comes to working in the private and public sector because we’re able to use our organizational skills to our advantage.

Our founder Tanya Jones was intentional when she started this organization. She built a consultancy filled with years of experience that would leap beyond the competition through instinctive anticipation to all customer needs.

Our team has been blessed to have an extensive career helping other organizations excel, none of which would have been possible without the driving force: Passion. We don’t take lightly our ability to exceed expectations.